February 22, 2023
The Road from Stuck to Success in Web3
Credibility and Transparency to Define PR in Web3 in 2023 and Beyond. Trust the process.
July 28, 2022
The Empire State of NFTs - Musings from NFT.NYC
The mainstreaming of NFTs appears to have reached a fever pitch if the sheer prevalence of them across the streets of Manhattan last month is any indicator.
June 29, 2022
Why Web3 will be critical to countering a dystopian ‘splinternet’
As the internet fractures into silos degraded by censorship and disinformation, DAOs and public blockchains may offer ways to restore trust.
May 11, 2022
How PR Can Bridge The Purpose Paradox
The increasing demand for all companies to have a diverse, often complex, and metric-driven ESG strategy has created a new and uncomfortable dynamic for PR and Communications professionals.
April 28, 2022
How NFTs Are Transforming the Art World Beyond Recognition
It’s hard to believe that only a little over a year has passed since the ground-breaking NFT sale of Beeple’s opus by Christie’s, one of the world’s oldest and most respected art auction houses, that made headlines all over the world.
January 7, 2022
Five Practical Considerations for Shaping Culture in Decentralised Teams
The “Great Resignation” of 2021 may have resulted in a record year for recruiters, but it has left managers in many industries, particularly white-collar sectors, on the edge of their seats.
December 5, 2021
The Role of the PR Adviser in Driving ESG Change
It’s highly likely that we will look back on the last few years as a tipping point. The fallout from the pandemic has shifted the global agenda, and the idea of corporate value creation is no longer centred around shareholder primacy to the exclusion of all else.
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